Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Awake My Soul

5am wake up call... time to awake my soul.

I suppose it's better than my normal 2am. As of now, Wednesday is my non work day. I usually awake from my slumber at 2am, take a quick shower, pour a to-go coffee and head off to slave away for the "man." But not today... no no... 3 extra hours of sleep! Whoop whoop!

I got to the state park a little early. The last time I tried to get in early I was turned away and ended up with waaaaaaaaaay too much MacDonalds coffee in my system. The man behind the booth kept looking down at his watch, but I got lucky this time. A little small talk about the time change had me racing to the trail head 20mins before the park opened.

The sun was already lighting the world when I hit the trails, so I didn't need a headlamp. With each passing minute, the Fall colored trees started to pop into view. (Ahhh... I love this time of year. It's so beautiful). I made my way up to the top of the connector and took a peek out over the overlook to Shackleford. Ugh... overcast. I guess there will be no view from King's Chair today. I felt good... so I continued the upbeat pace. I hit the top of the ridge and started up to King's Chair. When the horizon came into view... still overcast. Blah.

I finally made it up to King's Chair. It was cool and windy on the lookout, so I sat down and curled up against a rock. I love to go up to King's Chair (especially when I know I'm alone in the woods) and drift into my normal King's Chair day dream. After a few minutes I opened my eyes. The sun was trying to break through the clouds while two eagles soured past the lookout. Finally... sunlight. I drifted back into the day dream...

Snap back to reality...

I headed home to continue this perfect morning. Coffee, toast, and cozy coach time... I had missed this. I couldn't be happier :)

It's funny how you can be motivated by the slightest things. I have not been inside a gym in weeks. There has been ZERO motivation to be indoors. I have enjoyed running waaaaay to much to coop myself up inside a cold gym. I was feeling great about my gym experience until... I saw... a guy... on the dreadmill... with a Starbucks cup... labeled... PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE. Guys... I have noooo problem with the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's delicious. Not my cup of Joe... but delicious nonetheless. However... it DOES NOT BELONG IN A GYM!!!!! I shall now cancel my membership... maybe a new gym... maybe a garage gym... we shall see.

Kati had an interview with the University of Montevallo today. I rode down with her and decided to catch a few quick miles while she was interviewing. I ran the normal trail I take when I am in the area...

I got back home and grabbed my last remaining Octoberfest from the fridge. There it is. October is officially over. No more Octoberfest... no more October. Simple as that. Now on to the next variety of seasonal beers! I spent the last bit of October with one of the few ladies in my life that still loves me in my post run nastiness... Catalina.

Well... I'm almost finished with my whiskey drink and winding down for the night. A long day of work awaits in the morning... but with the promise of a single track escape tomorrow afternoon... I can grin and bear it.

Till tomorrow...

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  1. good stuff man, cant wait till im done w therapy and get back on the grind! ive been INACTIVE for over 1 year now!!!!!!!!! can u imagine???
    Enjoy it homie!