Saturday, November 2, 2013


This year I decided to create my very own "Runtober." I decided to put in a ton of trail miles and do something adventurous every weekend of my favorite month. Somehow, (still not sure how I pulled it off), I got vacation time approved for every weekend in October. So I started creating plans!

1st Weekend - StumpJump 50k in Chattanooga
2nd Weekend - RidgeCrusher 21k in Bham
3rd Weekend - Pitchell 100k Fun Run in Asheville
4th Weekend - TBA (Team Magic - 3.5m off road race in Pell City)

Weekend 1 - success. I had a rough race at StumpJump but I had a ton of fun. I got the chance to see a lot of people that I hadn't seen in a while, run some great single track, and camp.

Weekend 2 - success. I ran the RidgeCrusher 21k in Bham with a great group of people and then headed out to Oak Mt. to tag on an additional 14 miles.

Weekend 3 - success. Pitchell. (one word kinda sums that one up.)

After Pitchell my thighs were thrashed, but I had to get out and about for a birthday run. I did an easy out and back to one of my favorite spots: King's Chair. I sat around for a long while getting lost in my normal King's Chair day dream...

I finally snapped out of the fantasy and headed home... where I was greeted with a cookie cake and a shot of Irish whiskey (the real deal - from Kati's grandmother's trip to Ireland)! And then it was off for a round of margaritas!

I didn't have anything planned for the last weekend in October so I started to look around. The local ultra trail running group (BUTS) had a group run and cookout planned for that Saturday. I did a short, chilly loop with the group and we enjoyed some cold beers and burgers afterwards... it's always a good time with this group.

One of my best friend's dad shot me an email earlier that week saying he had a free race entry for a 3.5 mile off road course on Sunday morning. Ronnie will randomly shoot me emails with free entries every now and then. Last year we (Ronnie and his son Zac) did the RocketMan Triathlon Relay together in Huntsville, AL. Ronnie and I also did a fun mud run together! Oh.. and his dog.. has probably ran just as many 5ks as anyone in Alabama! Walker the Wonder Dog enters almost every race that Ronnie enters!

I ended up 1st overall in the run and walked away with a big bottle of Heed. Not too shabby :)


I finished up Runtober with a fun Halloween run... "What's your favorite scary movie?"
Overall... Runtober was amazing! I met a ton of amazing new people and got the chance to catch some quality trail time!

Now... it's on to No Shave November :)

Till tomorrow...


  1. A giant jar of heed is an awesome prize!!! Congrats on the win!

  2. Sounds like an Awesome October! So glad things worked out for you to be able to do it! Love ya!